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Our Service

LaBarre Travel is dedicated to providing travelers with service that is tailored to their individual needs. In today's world where transactions, bookings and reservations are made through the internet many travelers are losing that charming touch of personal service; that peace of mind knowing there is someone who actually cares and will be there for you should something go wrong.

Our Partnership

LaBarre Travel is your partner to make sure your reservation is made with maximum time efficiency. Our special travel information service includes information about your destination as well. Not only will you save time looking for the right flight, hotel, etc., but upon arrival you will know what is around: dining, recreation, places to visit. Our special travel information service will leave you feeling cared for.

Save Time

We respect your time and know how valuable it is for you. Give us a chance to provide you with quality service and help you find the trip of a lifetime, plan a special occasion, or make a hassle-free business trip. That is what our company is about - You and Your Travel Needs!

Our Support

As an eTravel Unlimited Independent Agent we stand ready to serve your travel needs. Please contact us for more information, or priced travel opportunities.

Phone: 720-334-3652 or Email: